In most cases, witnesses who are admitted to their profession but are employed temporarily or occasionally are allowed to take affidavits. Any exceptions to this rule are indicated accordingly in the above list of accepted affidavits, e.g. teachers are only admitted for permanent employment. Q: Is there an additional fee to testify documents remotely? A: There is no charge as this service is provided as a community service by BJ and JP. There is no limit to the number of documents that can be attached to an affidavit. The next step is to have the affidavit testify by one of the many authorized persons, for example: Q: Can I sign a proof of life for a client if it is written in another language? A: Yes, just make sure you are sure of what is required, for example. signed in my presence for clarification and that you understand what is written. Many of these documents are bilingual (including English). All documents must also be translated into English. NOTE: Copies of original documents cannot be certified remotely. Information on existing processes can be found on our Certified True Copies of Original Documents page. Recent amendments to the Act have made it possible to make affidavits using electronic signatures, and the witness can be “present” via an audio-visual connection rather than in person. Please note that if your affidavit requires copies of documents to be attached, copies of those documents cannot currently be certified remotely.

You must have copies of all required documents certified in person. Q: Can I certify copies of electronic or emailed documents? A: Yes, if you can verify that the documents come from an original electronic source or authority. Alternatively, a person must declare an affidavit stating that the documents are an authentic copy of the originals. [JP Handbook p. 15, paragraph 6.6] Certified documents to be sent between states or abroad must be signed by a justice of the peace or notary. Clerks are not considered justices of the peace or notaries. Q: Can a JP in Victoria sign an Interstate mortgage? A: It depends on the legislation applicable to each state, which may vary and must be verified by the authorized customer to do so. Queensland has very specific requirements and states that a Victorian JP can be an authorised witness for mortgages and land title documents. This document was viewed by audiovisual link in accordance with the COVID-19 (Emergency Preparedness) (Electronic Signature and Testimony) Omnibus Regulations 2020.

Once the applicant (the person making the affidavit) and the witness have signed the document, the copy of the affidavit must be sent to the support person before it is completed. This page contains information for authorized witnesses in the affidavit. It is necessary for the authorized witness to see and confirm that the documents meet the above conditions and record the details accordingly. RVAHJ recommends using your online electronic logbook to capture details. The applicant must, in the presence of the witness, either physically or by audiovisual link, have a person legally authorized to make affidavits testify. It is about recognizing that the reporter knows that it is a criminal offence to make a statement that he or she knows to be false. These are affidavits that are primarily used in court proceedings. Q: Can a JOF or JP be subject to an Advanced Care Directive? A: No, they are not allowed to do this, you need a licensed doctor to do it. It is helpful to visit the OPA website for more information, i.e. you will need to have your documents confirmed (verified/confirmed/proved) by someone who has the legal authority to say they are true and accurate. Q: What is the maximum number of certified true copies (or other documents) I should sign? A: There is no fixed number, just what is reasonable depending on where you are, like DSS, etc. In addition to the normal requirements, the witness must also attach a statement indicating that he or she witnessed via an audiovisual link in accordance with the regulations.

Q: Can I experience a power of attorney from another state/country? A: Yes, as long as you are satisfied that you have the right to do so according to the terms of the document. The authorized witness must sign the certificate and attach his or her witness qualification to the affidavit. Copies of documents submitted to the Qualifications Unit abroad must be certified true as indicated below, including the signature of the authorized person. Witnessing an affidavit adds formality and accountability to the process. The organization receiving the affidavit can then rely on the information provided. An affidavit is a written statement signed and declared true before an authorized witness. Affidavits are not the same as affidavits because they are not confirmed by oath or insurance. The witness must also sign any certificate (if applicable) and attach a statement indicating that the affidavit of an AV connection has been certified in accordance with the regulations. An affidavit is a written statement that you sign in the presence of an authorized witness and that you declare true and accurate. Q: Can I testify to a passport application? A: The requirement to witness an Australian passport application depends on how long the person is aware. In this regard, you would be signing as an adult who knew the person, not as an authorized witness.

If another country`s passport is affected, you should check that country`s policies. Q: Do I need to ask for identification when I witness documents? A: Generally no, unless the documents specifically request it and if necessary. [JP Handbook, p. 16, paragraph 6.12] Note: COVID-19 conditions have changed some requirements. A justice of the peace does not have the right to charge fees for testifying before affidavits. The law does not prohibit other witnesses from charging a fee instead of a fee or asking a charity for a small donation. The normal rules for making an affidavit still apply, but now you can also do it via an audio-visual connection with an authorized witness.