This program publishes and distributes experimental material developed by HLS faculty for HLS courses. Online courses are great for studying legal topics, as the ability to take courses on a flexible schedule can be ideal for accurate reading of the legal texts needed to develop expertise in the field. This flexibility is also useful for learners who want to develop their legal skills while continuing to work full-time. In-person and online programs for legal frameworks. Strengthen your leadership skills and build a network of peers to advance your career and organization. As lawyers, we like to seek out the “law of the black letter,” the well-regulated, unchallenged and clearly articulated decision rule to apply to the facts of our case. Very often, however, there is simply no such rule, no clearly defined guideline to follow or push for a court to be a decisive outcome. On the contrary, the law is usually neither black nor white, but different shades of gray that offer both sides of a dispute some help and at least partial support. Thus, the solution to the question usually revolves around policy issues and the vigorous practice of persuasion. The goal of this program, basically, is to start exploring these “white” spaces; the spaces between rules, which are generally codified in most states as “rules of professional conduct” or “CPR”.

What the exploration of this seemingly “empty” space will show is that it is not empty at all, but a roaring sea of contradictory values in which contradictory ethical principles can crash against each other, each with a legitimate claim to our attention and action. So how we vote is just as often as important as what we choose. Let the exploration begin. If you have a question that falls within the scope of this course that was not addressed at a conference, please leave it in the comments section below this lecture and we will get back to you. Law courses examine the history and interpretation of legal systems and codes, including criminal and civil law, environmental law, international law, and constitutional law. In this part of the world, the legal profession is synonymous with “wig and dress” or black and white, and to date, the majority of Nigerian lawyers believe that legal practice is divided exclusively into litigation and commercial practice. However, the reality is that wherever there is a transaction or even human interaction, there is a way for a lawyer to provide a service – from meeting rooms to hospitals to movie theaters and even family gatherings. Beyond the technical definition of the law, inequities in the way law enforcement can sometimes function in practice – including inequalities in who is punished, the severity of sentences, and the legal services they have access to – have also driven social and political movements throughout history. such as the civil rights movement and Black Lives Matter. Many politicians and other government politicians also rely on legal training, either through a law degree or as part of a political science degree. And even if they are not lawyers themselves, members of Congress and other elected officials rely on legal experts to help them effectively achieve their legislative goals.

Access this course as well as unlimited access to 1,700+ courses with an unlimited membership. 1. The duration of these guided courses is 3 weeks. Each course consists of 5 modules. How can I contact technical support during this course? The course, which aims to familiarize candidates with existing legislation, comparative jurisprudence, emerging challenges, and the balance between freedom of expression and accountability through regulation, will serve as a solid foundation for managing cyber operations both professionally and personally. I graduated from a community college and university in Florida. I am learning more legal terminology through my courses with BCI. Blackstone`s courses are more in-depth than any college or university text in my legal experience. This course is designed to teach young litigators how to write court documents and briefs. The design is mediatized by the most important court documents and the provision of models and formats.

You can start creating real documents immediately after you start this course. 7. The confirmation email will be sent within 1 day after registering for a course. With degrees in law and business, the lawyer made Compton one of the leading black lawyers in the United States. Ethical issues for lawyers can be described in the same way, at least structurally. That is, each state prohibits and declares its rules “black letter” to inform and guide the practitioner in the exercise of the function, but no matter how carefully they are articulated, the rules invariably leave spaces between them: areas that involve what we might call a “white letter” ethic. The difference is that the absence of clearly defined legal standards drives the substantive aspects of the practice and demands the fullness of our capabilities, allowing a court to rule on our client`s case. But an ethical issue that falls between the rules of professional conduct affects us personally and directly, and can present extremely poignant and problematic scenarios for the practitioner who, in the absence of clearly defined ethical standards, must ask himself difficult questions, what should I do? And she can often be forced to answer these questions alone, at her professional peril, with nothing but her own experience, judgment, and personal moral code to guide the outcome. These online courses are designed for lawyers who want to dive deep into a specific area, and anyone who wants to learn how the law works in practice. These courses are offered by Harvard Law School in partnership with Harvard`s Vice President, Learning and edX and are part of our ongoing commitment to lifelong learning. When you think of legal jobs, the first thing that might come to mind might be the kind of high-ranking lawyer or judge you see in legal dramas like Law & Order, The Practice or Suits. Becoming a lawyer is a great career choice if you have the desire and ambition, with an average annual salary of $120,910, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

From principals of senior law firms to legal professionals to high school students interested in law, Harvard Law School believes in the importance of legal education and the different ways it intersects with and influences our daily lives. Our programs offer the opportunity to easily explore how law shapes the world, or to prepare and excel for a career in law. The course, Shades of White and Black, exposes lawyers and aspiring lawyers to more than 20 different practice areas beyond high-profile litigation and “commercial” areas. Only students who can provide proof with a valid school ID card or register with a student ambassador are eligible for the student enrollment option. Students who enroll in the student option will not receive a refund for failure to prove their student status. Instead, they must pay the balance before access to the course is granted.